The Healthiest Diet on the Planet John and Mary McDougall A great place to start with the knowledge and logic of Dr McDougall and the healthy recipes from Mary McDougall.
The McDougall Quick and Easy Cookbook Mary McDougall Dr McDougall’s Starch Solution cookbook
The Rave Diet and Lifestyle Mike Anderson This book or DVD is what I most often give to people. Great straightforward introduction to healthy eating; great recipes.
The Food Revolution John Robbins Everyone should read one of John’s books. Changed my life.
The China Study T Colin Campbell The ground breaking comprehensive study of diet/disease relationships. Easy and interesting read everyone should do.
Whole T Colin Campbell I enjoyed this even more than his “China Study”. Again an easy and interesting read
The Low Carb Fraud T Colin Campbell A short work from T Colin Campbell as a response to the dangerous, unhealthy low carb movement.
How Not To Die Michael Greger Stay healthy or target your illness with the latest honest science
Carbophobia Michael Greger Dr Michael Greger’s response to the unhealthy low carb movement
Whitewash– The Disturbing Truth About Cow’s Milk and Your Health Joseph Keon I encourage you to read this book; get the truth and spread the word about the dreadful dairy lie.
Mammography Screening: Truth Lies and Controversy Peter Gotzsche Don’t be bullied into taking a screening that is more likely to destroy your life than save it. There are much surer and safer ways to avoid breast cancer.
Proteinaholic Garth Davis I didn’t know what to expect from this book because I chose it from its name. Great, enlightening, easy entertaining read.
Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease Cardwell Esselstyn If you have been eating the western diet, rich in meat, eggs and dairy, then you have heart disease. Read this book, follow the advice, heal yourself. Modern health care has nothing to offer you.
My Beef With Meat Rip Esselstyn Another member of the Esselstyn family with a straight talking book on our chronic illnesses caused by our diets. Easy read; great recipes.
The Truth About Cancer Ty Bollinger The truth – modern cancer treatments are more likely to kill than cure you. There are so many alternatives. Firstly, avoid cancer with diet, secondly, if you don’t avoid cancer, educate yourself, you can survive cancer.
Cancer-Free, Your Guide to Gentle Non-Toxic Healing Bill Henderson Alternatives to modern cancer treatments – search for the truth yourself
Food Choices and Sustainability Richard Opperlander This author has the straight facts on what our diets are doing to our planet; international speaker; respected authority. A must read.
This is Hope: Green Vegans and The New Human Ecology Will Anderson The frightening facts about how we are destroying our planet and how we can avoid it.
Naked Food Magazine – Quartely publication Margarita Restrepo This magazine will become a timeless reference in your home. Great advice, recipes, personal stories. Quality publication.
Masterfood Cookbook Margarita Restrepo Great recipes from Naked Food Magazine
Deadly Medicines and Organised Crime Peter Gotzsche Another book from the master; Sensational title but really an understatement. I chose to read this book because I knew it would be another masterpiece by Peter Gotzsche. Again not an easy read but very worthwhile. It should be a text book for a doctor’s training because every practicing MD needs the information contained in this book.