What’s up Doc?

That’s what I keep asking myself the more I read and the more I learn about our health care system.

People being treated by this system are not patients, they are victims.

Those conclusions are obvious when you compare standard health care and lifestyle medicine. Lifestyle medicine largely uses optimal nutrition to prevent and cure disease.

A growing number of these lifestyle practitioners are having spectacular results in treating chronic diseases, the cause of most deaths

These lifestyle practitioners all reached the same conclusions about the diet-disease relationship from varying directions. They usually began with a standard medical qualification and through their own observations and historical research arrived at the same conclusions.

As Baxter Montgomery, a highly qualified cardiologist, with two decades of experience in the world’s largest medical centre complex in Austin, Texas, puts it –

“I have found no medical therapy nearly as powerful in reversing or preventing chronic health problems as optimal nutrition”

So, what is up with your doc?

The problem is doctors receive very little training in nutrition. They think, because they weren’t taught about this miracle treatment, it can’t be true – lifestyle medicine must be quackery. I’m a sceptic myself about most things. Modern living trains you to be that way. However there is no longer any room for scepticism. The proof is absolutely overwhelming – a huge and increasing volume of research – thousands of case studies and success stories – historical success stories – diet and disease relationships studies in varying ethnic and geographical areas – all indisputable evidence.

Obviously today’s medical training needs a complete overhaul. What’s missing is the knowledge that every patient can heal themselves when provided with an optimal diet – a drug free, side effect free alternative.

Currently their training focuses on matching a drug to an illness. Most often this method does not provide a cure for their disease; it simply controls some of the symptoms of that disease. The truth is that your doctor would do a lot better handing out whole-plant-food recipe books than writing out drug prescriptions for their patients.

The first treatment for any illness should be to fix the patient’s diet

And the person that should be doing that is your doctor. Your doctor is an intelligent, highly qualified professional who very likely chose his career path because he wanted to help people; a caring person. We need these people and their knowledge – to diagnose, to guide their patients in their recovery, to medicate in urgent cases and to monitor their condition and adjust medications.

So what nutritional advice have those professional Gods of modern medicine got to offer you?

Beliefs and theories that came from around the mid 1800’s. That when animal proteins were discovered and they were considered the ultimate macronutrient.

Animal proteins were given such names as essential or first class protein. Absolutely vital for your health – the more the better. Plant proteins were considered inferior. That unfortunately, has been the predominate thinking since then and still persists today.

This thinking came from a seriously flawed study carried out on rats over a century ago. It was also considered that a variety of plants was needed to get the full spectrum of our protein needs. But these ideas that we needed a variety of plant protein or that plant proteins were somehow inferior were disproved decades ago. In fact the most reliable research now is that plant proteins are what we need and animal proteins are unhealthy. This whole idea that protein is the holy grail of macronutrients, or the one we really have to be most concerned about, is misplaced. In fact the body is super-efficient with protein usage. Our actual needs for protein are not great. It would be hard to design a diet that didn’t have enough protein. It has been shown that our livers can store protein and our bodies can store the amino acids that are used to build the various proteins. The gut flora of a vegetarian, different to that of a meat eater, can actually synthesise the 8 so-called essential amino acids; those ones that were said to only be available from our food. Our body can recycle degraded proteins at about 90% efficiency; around 250 grams per day. So don’t worry about the protein hype. Too much protein, especially animal, will wear out your kidneys. Three times more women die of kidney failure than breast cancer and almost three times as many men die of kidney failure than prostrate cancer, little advertised facts.

Another interesting fact that you don’t ever hear about – although heart disease, cancer and Alzheimer’s are vying to become our number 1 killer, coming in a very close fourth place for cause of death is – Health Care. Those deaths are due to a combination of botched and unnecessary surgery, drug side effects, medication errors in hospitals, incorrectly set monitoring equipment, hospital caused infections, etc.

Then if you consider 95% of deaths from heart disease and about 60% of deaths from cancer could be avoided by a simple dietary intervention that the Health Care system seems unwilling to adopt, you would have to say Health Care and the lack of knowledge and training in clinical nutrition is the way-out-in-front leading cause of death. Unfortunately our doctors are being crippled by a system of training that in reality is a barrier to good medical treatment. I don’t understand why this situation exists, but I think things will change but from the base up – their patients will demand the change.

In our modern world with information so readily accessible people will begin to see what our medical system is all about – drugs and procedures that are dangerous, unnecessary and ineffective. Doctors are obliged to do no harm and to instruct patients’ on all the choices available for their treatment. They are really skating on pretty thin ice. Many procedures are causing unnecessary harm and the choices are usually only two – do the treatment or suffer the consequences. I can see a future where patients will be coming to doctors with their Law Suits and asking questions like – why did you do that procedure that butchered me; why did you cut off my breast; why did you take out my lymph nodes; why did you give me those terrible drugs; why didn’t you tell me about those safer alternatives; why didn’t you know about them? In today’s age having so much information just a keyboard away, people are going to question modern health care and realise that they really were victims.

Doctors, do it now! Don’t wait for the change. With all the training you have it would be so easy to start treating your patients with diet. They will listen to you. Become the healer you always wished you’d be. Cure heart disease – snap! Cure diabetes – snap! Cure arthritis – snap! You may lose some return patients because they can cure themselves now, but I am certain your job satisfaction and feelings of achievement will mean more to you.