Deadly Dairy

I have to say something about dairy because it’s the biggest, the fattest lie on food and nutrition out there. It has been so drummed into us for decades that dairy is essential for our health – for strong bones and teeth. It’s promoted as our perfect food – but it’s all been lies.

Dairy should not be classed as a food. It’s not a food, it’s a poison. T. Collin Campbell, probably the most influential and respected nutritional scientists of our time, believes that one of milk’s proteins, casein, should be classified as a carcinogen – and one of the worst. And that’s not the end of the “Deadly Dairy” story

Dairy doesn’t promote just a few of our chronic diseases, it promotes the lot. And in fact it’s the leading stimulant or cause for several of our worst. The problem again is the lies and the false research that’s funded and promoted by those wealthy dairy industries. 70% of research has shown the dangers of dairy; 30% shows the opposite. Good scientific research should come to the same conclusion; those 30% are lies. This has caused such confusion with the public, who are so conditioned by those decades of clever advertising, they become sceptical when they hear the truth. Then we have doctors, who really have no qualifications to give an opinion will came out and say people should consume more dairy. This annoys the hell out of me. And the CSIRO with their “Wellness Diet” promote dairy. These people like to paint themselves as Australia’s leading research organization. Where are they coming from? That is a complete display of ignorance; damaging to public health.

If you want the full story I would suggest you read “Whitewash – The Disturbing truth About Cow’s Milk and Your Health” by Joseph Keon. All my “Wellness Warriors” will tell you the truth about dairy, but this book does exactly what it says – the whole disturbing truth and nothing but the truth on dairy. It’s certainly the most authoritative and well-reference book on dairy that I have read.

Just a little about the problems with dairy follows. I would suggest getting a copy of Joseph Keon’s book yourself. It’s an easy and informative read.

Acne This affliction causes so much distress in our teenagers it can lead to suicide. Stop consuming dairy and most acne will clear. In some cases it will be necessary to cut out all oils and fats including nuts, avocados and seeds. No meat, eggs or dairy with no added oils and avoid high fat plant products.

Heart Disease Milk and dairy products are found to have the highest statistical association with heart-disease risk of any food.

Cancer Some of our biggest killer cancers are most associated with dairy – breast, prostate, testicular, colon, ovarian show the strongest association with dairy. Dairy actually promotes all cancers.

Obesity The scourge of our modern society. Not the quantity of food but the type of food causes the epidemic. Giving up dairy leads to immediate weight loss.

Crohn’s Disease No thanks; strong evidence linked to dairy

Allergies There are over 30 milk proteins linked to various allergies. Some have very serious consequences and are often hard to identify. First treatment of any disease should be – stop the dairy, then fix the rest of the diet.

MS There is a Worldwide correlation of MS to dairy consumption. Some countries have no MS. It’s not their genes, it’s their diet of dairy free whole plant foods.

Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Dementia Double the odds with dairy

SIDS Despite double the risk with dairy based formula as compared to breast fed, few paediatricians or doctors tell Mothers that simple fact.

Arthritis Patients who have suffered this debilitating disease for years can often be partially or fully cured by giving up dairy. Sometimes sufferers have to examine and experiment with their diets to get full relief. It is certainly an illness caused by their food.

Diabetes, Types I and II Most Type I, which is where our pancreas cannot produced all our insulin needs, is caused by dairy intake by genetically susceptible people. The point is – no dairy, no type I diabetes. The right foods can allow these sufferers to cut their medications by 30 – 50% because their cells will become more sensitive to insulin. There is promise, with the right diet; those insulin producing beta cells in the pancreas can, to some extent, regenerate. Type II is simply caused by fat which blocks our glucose fuel from following the insulin/enzyme path into our cells. The right diet which must exclude dairy will rapidly cure this condition.

Autism and Schizophrenia In 1970 in the US and probably much the same proportions here (10%) autism affected 1 in 10,000 children. In 2005, 1 in 500, in 2009 1 in 200. It is a disaster which can devastate families. It’s is also a financial disaster for the families and for the country. The condition seems to be due to a component in childhood vaccines attacking the gastrointestinal tract and allowing broken down protein (peptides) to enter the blood stream and travel to the brain, causing damage. The main protein causing the problem is casein from dairy. Taking dairy out of the child’s diet can often be the cure.

Dairy and Calcium

Dairy’s big claim to fame is – Calcium. You must have more and more calcium. The hype about calcium matches the hype about animal proteins. Calcium is a NON-WORRY. It’s simply a fear promoted by the Osteoporosis, the Dairy and the Drug Industries to improve their bottom lines. It would be impossible to eat any diet where you ate sufficient calories that would not have sufficient calcium. But the Dairy and those other industries tell us lack of calcium will result in osteoporosis – weak bones and increased risk of bone fracture. (See Hot Topic section – Osteoporosis)

In fact studies show the more calcium by way of dairy consumption and supplements, the more bone fracture. A study in Australia showed those who ate the most dairy had double the fracture rate as those who ate the least.

Excess calcium is more likely to be a problem. It can prevent iron absorption; it can block the absorption of other minerals like magnesium and result in weak bone structure; too much calcium can overwhelm the bone-building osteoblasts diminishing bone rebuilding.  Populations consuming large amounts of calcium have a greater incidence of bone fractures. Excess calcium can cause kidney stones, arthritis and atherosclerosis. It is common for pregnant women to be given calcium supplements. Many of these supplements have been shown to be contaminated with up to 20mg of lead per daily dose. This can adversely affect the developing child’s brain and nervous system.

The epidemic of osteoporosis is certainly not caused by lack of calcium or vitamin D. It is mainly due to our acidic animal protein rich diet, but also smoking, alcohol, excess refined sugar, caffeine, dieting, anorexia, hyperthyroidism, hysterectomies, medications, heavy metals and lack of exercise all play a part.

Eat a whole plant food diet with no animal products, get sufficient sunshine and exercise and you will never suffer from osteoporosis

Dairy and Our Planet

It’s not only the poor health outcomes to consider when you consume dairy products, but the damage those millions of dairy cows are doing to our planet. There are approximately 1.74 million dairy cows in Australia. This is a major cost for our environment and our resources that we just cannot afford.

It takes 2,400 litres of fresh water to produce 1 litre of milk. Those 1.74 million dairy cows use enough fresh water per annum to fill Sydney Harbour almost twice. In Australia this is an unnecessary use of a scarce resource.

Cows produce 45 kilograms of manure per day. The dairy herds in Australia produce over 25 billion tonnes per annum which is over 350 times the total waste Australians put into their sewerage systems.

Where does all this waste from dairy go? It goes, untreated, into streams, rivers and our oceans. It’s full of hormones, antibiotics, parasites, bacteria, viruses and chemical waste. It causes massive destruction in our environment often causing algae blooms in rivers and oceans that completely wipe out any life that gets trapped in those blooms.

Dairy herds occupy millions of hectares of very fertile and useful land. I believe that the truth about dairy will eventually come out and this unhealthy and wasteful food will be off our menus. Dairy farmers should consider their future now. Grow fruits and vegetables; help stamp out world hunger with carbon neutral crops that can enrich our soils. Another alternative for those farmers that could really help save our planet is if they were to turn their farms into forests; plant trees. Imagine the impact on climate change. Millions of hectares more of trees, every leaf of which can use the Sun’s energy to take carbon from our air and lock it away.

Cruelty in the Dairy Industry

The other more hidden thing about dairy industry is cruelty; some of the worst. I would put treatment of fish as the worst, chickens second, pigs third and dairy cattle fourth. The cruelty is still horrific. I won’t elaborate because I don’t wish to burden you. It would certainly upset you. Read one of John Robbin’s books, everyone should.

Describing dairy as deadly is fitting. Consume dairy if you must at your own risk but never give it to children. In their delicate stage of development, it will always cause some and often some very serious health problems.  When you consider the health consequences, the damage it does to our planet and the terrible cruelty involved, dairy should be banned.

Use of dairy in processed foods is so widespread you have to behave as I do in the supermarket, scrutinise all the content labels and don’t purchase any goods with the words – dairy, lactose, casein, whey – anything from dairy

If our planet is to have a future dairy must go. For our health and economic survival dairy must go.