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In the year 2000 my family and I became vegans, or, more accurately, adopted a low fat, whole plant food diet. I quickly became aware of the health benefits of eating this way. My youngest Son lost about 50 kilograms on the diet with no restriction to the amount of food he ate, just a change from a western diet to a vegan diet. My wife and I lost any signs of heart disease. In three weeks my wife’s blood pressure became normal and she gave up her blood pressure medications. She had been suffering for over 20 years with high blood pressure.Health improvements for all of us were significant and occurred rapidly. More subtle improvements continued for years. Pain I suffered due to joint and tendon damage from prior injuries disappeared. Some I suffered with for over 30 years. I had given up on them.

Regular colds and flu became almost a thing of the past. Now occasionally I may feel one coming on, but by the end of that day it has gone. Before the diet change I would have suffered for a week or so.

I know the advantages of a whole plant diet and I speak to many people about their health issues. I am sure I can help them. I give them books and DVD’s but it feels like a complete waste.

It’s often said there’s no point in discussing religion or politics. I can add another one to that – diet. It’s like trying to convert a Muslim to a Christian or a Liberal to vote Labor. It won’t happen.

It’s hard to fathom but people would rather go on eating their bacon and eggs and risk that stroke or heart attack. They would prefer to have their chests cut and prised open and have replacement veins stitched into their hearts rather than give up their steak.

And what would I know anyway? I’m not a doctor. But what do doctors know? They receive no instruction on the role of diet in health. I firmly believe that in a few decades the truth will immerge and then we will look back on today’s medical treatment as the Dark Ages. How could they be doing those things to patients when the knowledge, the truth had already immerged and was available to them? A true Dark Age of true ignorance with millions of people suffering and dying unnecessarily.

And the most sinister aspect of this Dark Age, the reason for the ignorance, is due to the influence of wealthy, emotionless corporations that have financial interests in ensuring people buy their unhealthy food products, their drugs and their supplements, no matter what the health consequences. Research is being hijacked, governments are being pressured and truth is being suppressed.

So why am I here with my little web site? Probably I’m becoming such a bore I have run out of people to talk to. I’ll keep trying though because I am a compassionate person, certainly not the only pebble on the beach there, but it’s such a tragedy to see people suffering and dying prematurely.

Health is certainly not the only issue when we examine the consequences of our modern diets. There’s our planet to consider. The rich western diet uses up far too many of our planets resources. It is unsustainable. The only way open to us now to minimise climate change is for the whole human population to become exclusively plant eaters. This also would mean around 8.1 million children would not starve to death each year (2009 figures). That alone is 8.1 million reasons.

Furthermore, our health care systems are in crisis. The costs are crippling our economies. Just preventing heart disease alone would push our budgets into surplus. Hospitals are becoming places to stay away from because of the rise of antibiotic resistant superbugs.

Then there are the animals. I have to confess that’s what really drives me. After reading my first John Robbins book and since then having read and seen really just way too much about what is happening to our livestock animals, I am burdened. Seeing animals trembling uncontrollably in fear or a cow with tears streaming down its cheeks in sheer terror. Those images haunt me. I have been traumatised.

I have had cats, dogs, birds and fish as friends. To see a net load of struggling fish I feel sorrow to the core. How can fishing be a sport or a bonding?

I don’t wish to burden anyone but I really believe that compassion is such an integral part of the human species, you should consider the cruel consequences of our modern diets – the suffering and death, the loss of our beautiful planet, the death of the oceans, the list is endless. The human species is a plant eating, carbohydrate burning, compassionate, long-living and highly intelligent species that has dominated this planet. It would seem we are a very successful branch of evolution except, perhaps, for one serious flaw – greed. That has seen the rise of corporate entities where the bottom line is the only concern. Human compassion has gone. Greed is suppressing information that could prevent destruction of our health and our planet. Could greed lead to failure of our branch of evolution? Will it lead us and perhaps our planet to extinction? I hope not.

I also hope that my efforts will perhaps lessen the blind faith most people have in modern medicine. If you are run over by a truck or if you have a heart attack, then there’s no better place to be than in a modern hospital surrounded by modern health care professionals. But when it comes to those chronic (long term) diseases that are killing most of us, modern health care has very few answers; in fact, we often die because of the treatment, not the disease. It’s such a shame that we take those brightest and often very caring young people and train them in institutions where the curriculum is controlled by pharmaceutical companies. The far more gentle and successful lifestyle treatments are being ignored and suppressed.

For some reason you may feel it too much to change your diet for your health, but perhaps feelings of compassion may drive you. The diet change is just a simple matter of getting used to it, only takes about 3 weeks. In about 6 weeks you will feel the health improvements and in 6 months you will wish you had always eaten that way. You will prefer your new diet and never consider going back. Your old diet was a nutritional fast; deadly, cruel and unsustainable.

The food you eat and the lifestyle you choose will not only ensure your health, it will provide the example to ensure the health of all future generations living on a sustainable and healthy planet.

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