Heart Disease – The Silent Killer

Modern medicine is failing those 125 people per day in Australia that die prematurely from heart disease. Any person diagnosed and treated by the standard medical methods has 100% chance of not recovering. The drugs and procedures used are painful, dangerous and ineffective; all of them. The best they can do is buy you a little time or perhaps, you could say, extend your time of suffering, until you finally fall off your perch. Modern medicine does nothing to actually cure heart disease. At best it may control a few symptoms.

Heart disease is seen as almost an inevitable part of aging. That is certainly not the case and this is where lifestyle medicine (mainly diet) shines. A simple change of diet can reverse the disease in a spectacular fashion. There are hundreds of heart disease patients who have been given everything modern medicine can provide. Doctors have given up and believe nothing more can be done except to tell their patients to go home and get their affairs in order. These patients can be cured by a simple dietary change. Some have gone from not being able to walk due to severe chest pain to running marathons and living another 10, 20 or 30 years or more. This is not uncommon, this is normal. The changes happen rapidly; chest pain is gone in a few days and blood pressure returns to normal in a few weeks.

Heart disease (atherosclerosis) is a bit like acne on the inside of our blood vessels. Pimples form just under the single cell lining of those vessels. The pimples pop, scabs form, scaring occurs. It grows into the blood vessel restricting blood flow, causing our blood pressure to rise. Because every cell and organ in your body relies on your blood to supply their oxygen and nutrients and to remove carbon dioxide and waste, every part of your body will suffer. Eventually when a pimple ruptures and the contents empty into the blood vessel, clotting can occur that will completely block off the blood flow. Everything downstream of this clot will start to die. If it blocks the flow to the heart muscle that’s a heart attack, to the brain it’s a stroke. This final clotting event can occur in seconds. Prior to this event many people will not be aware they have heart disease until they suffer that first heart attack or stroke. The good news is, half the time they will never have another, because – the bad news – that first heart attack or stroke will kill them – no second chance.

Heart disease is an epidemic. Everyone on the typical meat, eggs and dairy rich diet has heart disease. Babies born to overweight mothers can have a thickened aorta, the first sign of heart disease. Children over ten on the typical western (meat, eggs, dairy) diet will have those first streaks of atherosclerosis. By the age of twenty all adults on our deadly western diet will have a thick layer of atherosclerosis pustules.

Do you want this lining inside your blood vessels??

Well there is only one way to prevent or even get rid of that and that’s 100% whole plant food diet.

That atherosclerosis lining on our blood vessels is simply caused by diet. Cholesterol enters our blood stream, sticks to and penetrates our blood vessel’s lining. It is oxidised byheme* iron in our blood and then attacked by our white blood cells forming those pustules. The cholesterol that causes the problem is a result of our meat, eggs and dairy, high fat diets. Cholesterol is essential for vitamin D and hormone production but our liver makes all we need. The excess in our diet gets stored everywhere; in all tissues, in our skin, in bags under our eyes, in our blood stream. Our liver, which can get rid of some, is just way too small. A carnivore can eat eggs all day and dump any excess cholesterol out through their large livers. Cholesterol is not a problem for carnivores. We are not carnivores, or, even omnivores.

* That heme iron that oxidises the cholesterol comes from animal foods. Iron is a bit of a two edged sword. It’s an essential mineral but too much is damaging because it is a pro-oxidant.Not only does itpromote heart disease, it promotes diabetes, Alzheimer and cancer. It also promotes aging itself because it damages protective caps on our DNA (Telomeres) causing cellular aging resulting in a shortened lifespan. It is difficult for us to get rid of excess iron so our body must control the intake. Unfortunately we cannot controlheme iron intake resulting in that oxidative damage.Another good reason to only eat plant foods.

The great thing is a whole plant diet can reverse heart disease. It can completely clear out all that atherosclerosis leaving just perhaps a few fairly harmless scars. There are various methods the body uses but it cannot occur without a whole plant diet. Meat eggs and dairy give us the wrong colon microflora and poor kidney functions preventing the healing processes.

It’s not as if this hasn’t been proven. The proof is just overwhelming. Proof has come from as far back as bible stories, 2600 years ago. In recent times leading researchers and doctors such as Dean Ornish and Caldwell Esselstyn have proven, beyond doubt, that heart disease is preventable and reversible with a whole plant food diet.

Caldwell Esselstyn, a skilled surgeon, turned his back on ineffective and dangerous modern surgical procedures and drugs used to cure heart disease. His favourite saying is “Heart Disease is like a toothless paper tiger that should never exist and if it does exist it should never progress.” His successful plant based dietary treatment of heart disease can be found at (www.caldwellesselstyn.com)

Why are almost 50,000 Australians dying annually of this curable disease? That’s 50,000 unnecessary tragedies and that’s 50,000 families and friends suffering unnecessary grief and loss.

Imagine if an influenza pandemic struck Australia and killed off 50,000 people. There would be panic. People would be walking about in space suits. Yet 50,000 people are being killed every yearby a disease that is totally preventable and curable. Why is this so?

The problem is the training our doctors receive; Training that’s really controlled by drug companies and self interest groups. Doctors are so disciplined by these ineffective pill and procedural methods that they just dismiss alternative treatments as quackery. That’s just dishonest name calling – ignoring overwhelming proof that can save millions of lives.

But we also have to pity those young people that choose to become doctors; some of our brightest and obviously caring people who choose that caring path to become a doctor. But they are being let down by the system. They see their patients suffering and dying with these chronic diseases that no matter how hard they try, they can’t cure them. Their training is an impediment to good health care

That’s just not good enough. Millions are suffering and dying of diseases that are simply a result of our modern diets. We could save 95% of heart disease patients, 60% of cancer patients. Breast, prostate and colon cancer should not exist; diabetes should not exist, arthritis is curable. There is hardly any disease that can’t be prevented, cured or at least improved with the right diet for humans – a plant based diet.

We need our doctors and their compassion, intellect and training. But we just need to add one more week to their training.

Make Clinical Nutrition a part of a doctor’s training – In the USA, in California, this is now law (Californian Law SB380). We should look at that law, see how well it is working, what changes could help and make that part of Queensland Health. Also our hospitals could offer dietary treatment to heart patients or diabetes patients, in fact, all patients; and without any additional costs.

This has been very successfully done in the USA at“The Montgomery Heart and Wellness Centre” in Houston, Texas – one of the largest medical centres in the World. They offer their patients’ dietary treatment for diseases. They even offer on line courses with support where needed. The head of this medical centre, Dr Baxter Montgomery, a brilliant doctor, researcher and compelling speaker puts it –

“I have found no medical therapy nearly as powerful in reversing or preventing chronic health problems as optimal nutrition”

It’s for doctors and those who control their training to look to the future. The future is in dietary therapy and that’s where the opportunity lies. Doctors should consider their futures now or the future will overtake them. The ethical and legal consequences of “informed consent” means that if doctors continue to ignore the proven dietary approach to preventing and treating deadly chronic diseases, there is an increasing chance they will be found to be legally responsible for the injuries caused by those diseases. When so much information is just a keyboard away, the truth will eventually emerge. You have the knowledge now – to diagnose, to prescribe drugs if essential, to monitor improvements and to change or modify drug dosages. The huge advantage that you have is – people will listen to you. Give them a whole plant food recipe book rather than a drug prescription. Become the superhealer you always wanted to be.

But for the majority of people who want to be healthy now, whywait for the medical juggernaut to catch up to the science – that can take decades; do it yourself – 6 weeks – 100% committed – you will be amazed (and cured)

The Diet That Will Kill off Our Biggest Killers1.Do not eat – meat (all types including seafood), no eggs and no dairy. No processed foods, no fast foods, minimum salt, minimum refined sugar and most importantly – no added fats or oils (olive, coconut and oily salad dressings). Dining out? – stay home for home prepared food. Restaurant food is liberally laced with excess salt, sugar and oils.

2. Do eat – Whole plant foods the whole of the time. Your diet must consist only of a variety of fruit and vegetables – but mainly vegetables – boiled, steamed or dry roasted plus a few fruits each day. Whole grains (rather than refined), tubers (potatoes, sweet potatoes, pumpkin), beans, lentils, some sea vegetables,mushrooms, filtered (RO) water and/or green or white teas.A variety of seeds and nuts should be eaten in moderation, a couple of Brazil nuts per week can reduce cholesterol levels in the blood (but don’t overdo Brazil nuts because of their high Selenium content) some regular exercise (not necessarily vigorous, just walking plus stretching and bending). It’s also vital to haveregular exposure to Sunshine without sunscreen but take care to limit your exposure to avoid burning. Occasional fasting also appears to have very beneficial health effects and can boost recovery from many chronic diseases.

3. A low dose of B12 supplement in the form of Methyl Cobalamin is necessary on a 100% plant diet. No other supplements or multivitamins are necessary or advisable.

4. People with any sign of heart disease (high blood pressure or chest pain) or who are on medication for heart disease should strictly avoid foods with high fat – like nuts, avocados or coconut – this is a very important rule to follow for your recovery. For heart disease patients, a diet that includes a good proportion of green leafy vegetables will speed your healing process.

Can’t handle that diet? Well I could say, “It’s your funeral” – but I won’t. All I can say is “Try it, six weeks”. Taste is something that you acquire, something that you learn. You learn it from your Mother’s diet in her womb or from your Mother’s breast milk. That’s where your initial food preferences came from. You learn it from your culture and your lifestyle. That’s why I say 6 weeks. That is sufficient time to adjust to your new diet; learn to appreciate the more subtle and huge variety of flavors from a plant only diet.Personally I used to hate Broccoli, Brussel Sprouts and Cauliflower. Now they are amongst my favorites. Just the sight of a fresh Cauliflower and I recall that delicious Cauliflower soup that my wife makes. Make the change yourself.

For your own survival you really have no choice. It’s like looking both ways when you cross a road – do it ordie. This is the same – adopt a plant only diet – it’s your only option for a full healthy life. And I can guarantee you that you will soon realize – you have actually been missing out on a whole new world of delicious flavors.

But the health improvements are what will really convince you. Some happen quite rapidly but many continue to happen for months or even years after your diet change. Your sinuses will clear, you will lose weight, your hair will thicken, colds and flu will become a rarity.Personally I suffered with pain from certain joint and tendon damage for over 40 years. I had given up on them –within 12 months of my new diet the pain vanished. I am convinced that a whole plant diet will fix just about everything.

Try it – 6 weeks

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