Drugs, Supplements and Other Poisons

Drugs: A Pill For Every Ill and an Ill With Every Pill

If you want the truth, the true horror story on drugs and those big pharmacy companies just read “Deadly Medicines and Organised Crimes”. Another excellent book from one of my heroes, Peter Gotzsche. You may think that his title is just a gimmick, an exaggeration. In reality it is a staggering under exaggeration of the real extent of the murder, intimidation, lies, bribery and corruption that are the basic modus operandi of ALL drug companies. As Peter puts it, it’s not just one rotten apple in the drug company barrel, it’s all the apples in the barrel are rotten; rotten to the core

And doctors are being trained and coerced into prescribing those drugs for their patients; a pill for every ill. They are rather like librarians for drug companies; Look up the patient’s symptoms and test results in a drug catalogue and there is all the information – the drugs to prescribe, the side effects and precautions, it’s all there but not necessarily the truth. Positive outcomes from their drugs are commonly outright lies or huge exaggerations while the side effects are played down or omitted; mind you the drug companies know the truth, but they don’t let that get in the way of their sales.

Then again, it’s not only the doctors; the patients themselves want the pills. So if that’s what they want and the doctor tells them just to eat a better diet, they won’t be happy. What’s wrong with my diet; I eat plenty of protein and dairy; where’s my pill? Of course in some cases drugs can be helpful or even lifesaving. But there really is way too much emphasis placed on these drugs. They are powerful unnatural chemicals that our bodies have not been exposed to; we are not equipped to handle them; they have many, often dangerous, side effects, some of which are unknown until it is too late. Often that side effect can be death. The truth is that prescription drugs are our third largest killer (conservatively because many drug related deaths are covered up by the drug companies or just reported as suicides)

But the biggest problem with prescription drugs is that they usually only control the symptoms of a disease without controlling the disease itself. They don’t cure, they cover up – the disease continues unchecked.

Here are just a few examples off the top of my head. I don’t know of any that don’t cause harm. Even that half aspirin per day, to thin blood for cardiovascular protection, using the man-made acetyl salicylic can cause a multitude of problems like gastric ulcers and bleeds, cerebral bleeds, hearing loss, influenza mortality, Crohn’s disease to name a few. Even very low doses for a short period (14 days) can damage haemoglobin in 80% of people. Vegans get aspirin in their diet from its natural source as salicylic acid from plants with the good effects but without the side effects.

Drugs that are used to control blood pressure cause damage to the kidneys. They don’t reduce the atherosclerotic plaque blockages that cause the high pressure. A whole plant food diet is the only method that can accomplish that.

Drugs to lower blood sugar in diabetics can cause heart failure. One month on a whole plant diet will generally cure diabetes.

Cholesterol lowering drugs (statins) cause muscle and nerve damage including the heart which itself is a muscle. Therefore they can cause falls and heart failure. They act by inhibiting the enzyme in the liver that produces cholesterol. However this enzyme is also responsible for producing coenzyme Q10, a strong antioxidant in our body. CoQ10 is a heart-essential nutrient and a deficiency can lead to heart disease. Statin drugs also deplete the body of heart protective minerals in mineral-protein complexes of zinc and selenium. The evidence surely would suggest that statins are more likely to cause than prevent heart disease. So why would a doctor suggest to their more senior patient to take statins as a routine heart protective measure? This was done to me. Some authorities seriously suggest putting statins in our drinking water. In my case, with normal cholesterol levels, the doctor, when questioned why I needed statins, suggested even lower levels would be better. I don’t think so. In fact cholesterol is essential for our health with all our needs produced in our cells and in our liver. Low cholesterol levels have various consequences. Cholesterol suppresses aggressive behaviour; statins cause increased irritability and aggression. It has been shown since the 1980’s that cholesterol reduces the risk of many types of cancer (i.e. statins cause cancer). Low cholesterol levels also increase the risk of – haemorrhagic stroke (brain vessel rupture), statin-induced memory impairment, reduced life expectancy (cholesterol slows cellular ageing by protecting the telomere capping on the ends of our chromosomes). Cholesterol helps fight infections. In fact it has been shown that low levels of cholesterol can contribute to more than 300 different adverse health effects. A whole plant diet has negligible cholesterol; our body supplies all our needs. Excess cholesterol intake from animal products (meat, eggs and dairy) is unnecessary and unhealthy. Our small herbivore liver is inefficient at disposing of excess cholesterol.

Drugs to help osteoporosis will slow the action of enzymes that break down damaged bone resulting in better bone density figures but weaker bones. Plant based diets, plus a little sunshine and exercise will improve bone strength. Bone strength is what we should be looking at rather than bone density. The test used to diagnose osteoporosis is incorrectly a test for bone density. Post-menopausal women often fail bone density tests. It is normal for these women to lose bone density as they past child bearing age. In countries where a whole plant diet is consumed and people have adequate sunshine and exercise, osteoporosis is almost unknown.

Immune suppressant drugs, used to reduce pain for arthritis sufferers, will severely damage our immune system. If you don’t eat animal products, autoimmune diseases like arthritis and type I diabetes cannot occur. Many other disease conditions also have an autoimmune component.

For every drug there are side effects (an ill with every pill), but the worst of the bad would have to be those chemotherapy drugs. These drugs are barbaric. Many patients would rather die than have to undergo a second round of chemo. They cause severe long term damage to the body’s very effective immune system (our best hope for survival). They actually cause further cancers to develop which can be more aggressive because the body’s defence mechanisms are weakened by the chemo. Cancer cells can develop immunity to chemotherapy drugs. This occurs because chemotherapy can’t be administered too strongly or for too long or it would kill the patient’s cells and the patient. This low dosage in short bursts enables cancer cells to develop immunity to the drug. These drugs are expensive, a real money spinner for the drug companies. So does it matter that they are dangerous and ineffective?

The best advice for any disease is to get off the drugs and get onto whole plant foods – more effective and no side effects.

Give yourself a fright – read Peter Gotzsche’s book; get informed. Don’t take the doctors word on a prescription. Research any drug before you take it.


These would have to be put in to the same category as drugs. There are very few benefits for most people and many drawbacks in taking supplements.

Research has consistently shown increased mortality for those that use supplements. It has been estimated that for every one million multivitamins taken, nine thousand people will have their lives shortened.

The supplement industry is very poorly controlled. The contents as stated are often exaggerated or even missing. Also there are a number of toxic substances commonly found in supplements. For example in the Centrum brand of multivitamin there are the following toxic chemicals – Boric acid, BHT, cupric sulphate, manganese sulphate and sodium molybdite plus another 4 substances that are probably toxic, plus another 16 that are possibly toxic. In a murder case in the USA a woman murdered her husband with sodium selenate. This toxic poison and another closely related chemical, sodium selenate, are commonly listed as nutrients on many vitamin supplements.

Without even considering the possible toxic ingredients, supplements can’t replace a plant based diet. Plants have 11 of the 13 recognized vitamins as well as hundreds more phytonutrients only found in plants. Our bodies recognize and use a whole spectrum of plant chemicals; supplements are just a single page out of our nutrient-requirements book.  A pill will never cover that range. What it does instead is provide a very narrow range of our needs, often in excess of our requirements for those nutrients.

As Sayer Ji from GreenMedinfo (www.greenmedinfo.com) puts it –

“There is no singular “magic Bullet” in herbs and plants responsible for reproducing the whole plant’s healing power. There are, in fact, in most healing plants or foods, hundreds of compounds which can never be reduced to the activity of a singularly quantifiable phytocompound or chemical” (a supplement)

The supplement industries have got it all wrong by trying to isolate and market single phytonutrients. What they do instead is overpower and block receptors to a multiple of other important phytochemicals, resulting in total imbalance and harm. Whole plant foods provide the balance.

Protein supplements are completely unnecessary. It would be hard to find a diet that didn’t supply enough protein. Plant proteins, despite what has been alleged in the past, supply the full range of amino acids we require. A healthy gut bacteria from a plant based diet can also produce some of the so called essential amino acids that were thought could only be obtained from one’s diet. Animal proteins cause disease and should be avoided, in other words, don’t eat animal products.

These protein supplements that are pushed as muscle builders are unnecessary, ineffective and unhealthy. The body is very efficient with protein. About 90% of its needs can be met from the normal protein breakdown that occurs in our body. The main requirement for muscle building is carbohydrates. The energy supplied by carbohydrates is needed to build muscles.

Don’t be fooled by the extensive advertising of the supplement companies. They are like any other drug pushers -there to make money.

The 2 out of 13 recognized vitamins that are not found in plant foods are vitamin D and vitamin B12. D is a proenzyme synthesised from cholesterol by the sun in our skin and by the liver and kidneys.

B12 is produced by bacteria in the soil and in natural streams. It is often missing in a plant based diet due to washing soils from our foods and due to the sterilization of our drinking water. Omnivores and carnivores can also lack B12 because B12 bacteria in soil can be removed by chemical fertilizers, herbicides etc. B12 must be taken as a supplement.

Sufficient Sun exposure will ensure sufficient vitamin D – See slip, slop, slap section in the “Hot Topics” section.

Don’t think a supplement can make a bad diet into a good one. Supplements will always make matters worse.