Recently in Australia Cancer has overtaken heart disease as our number 1 killer. This is despite the fact that cancer is actually largely preventable and survivable. Today’s cancer research and cancer treatment and the industry that has grown up around them is the worst of the worst of modern medicine. Their modus operandi is similar to that of a criminal organization, like the mafia. This Cancer Mafia is making huge profits from their criminal activities. To get you under their influence they use intimidation, fear and bullying tactics by telling you things like, “you’re going to die unless you do as we say – immediately”.

They make healthy people patients by using scams like mammography and PSA testing. Over-diagnosis is rife. They both are causing far more harm than good and in many countries they are no longer recommended. That should be the case everywhere. See “Mammography – a Mammoth Lie” in the “Hot Topic” section.

Once again we find doctors treating symptoms rather than the actual disease. The symptom is the cancer tumour; the disease is an unhealthy body. Cancer occurs when the DNA in a normal cell is corrupted. It becomes like a parasitic organism which divides, grows and often spreads (metastasis) throughout the body. For a variety of reasons, it is normal for cancer cells to develop. In a healthy person the immune system will take out those cancer cells. When our immune system is weakened usually because of the wrong diet, cancer can grow and spread. Even when that occurs, a healthy immune system can get rid of the cancer. Modern treatments just focus on the cancer tumours. It’s all about that tumour. The truth is the tumour is not the real problem. It’s only the result of the division and differentiation of the cancer stem cells. The stem cells are the problem. They are the ones that can spread throughout the body, dividing and growing. Surgeries remove the tumours and quite often quite a lot of surrounding tissue. Lymph nodes are routinely removed with treatments for melanomas, breast, prostate, colon, ovarian and cervical cancers as well as many others. It has been clearly shown there is no survival benefit in removing these lymph nodes or other tissue around the tumours. Removing the whole breast as in mastectomy has shown no survival benefit over lumpectomy where only the tumour is removed. Removing excess tissue in surgery can lead to chronic pain for the rest of the patient’s life. Removing lymph nodes can lead to lymphedema – pain and swelling in limbs and lowered immune system responses. In melanoma, removing lymph nodes shows an increase in occurrences of further remote melanomas.

How often have you heard the words “I think we got it all” when surgeons discuss cancer surgery. That’s nonsense because, by the time your tumour is large enough to be found, it has probably been there for decades and has already spread throughout your body.

Non-surgical treatments for cancer like radiation and chemotherapy are very dangerous and ineffective. Both treatments actually cause cancer. Radiation focuses on that tumour again. When they see the tumour shrink, it’s seen as a victory. In fact the real villains, the stem cells, largely escape and further cancers develop in healthy tissues damaged by the radiation. Chemo can only be given in short bursts or the patient may die. This allows the cancer to develop immunity. Our own wound healing tissue can also develop immunity and shield the cancer. So what often happens is the cancer initially appears to disappear; a time of elation. That is crushed when an even more aggressive and resistant cancer appears so that stronger and more deadly chemo is required.

Since the war on cancer began around 1970 hundreds of billions of dollars have been spent on cancer research and treatment. The position today is that patients that refuse treatment, either by doing nothing or trying alternative treatments, have a better chance of survival. According to one researcher “medically sanctioned cancer treatment dramatically shortens the lives of cancer victims, while, (I) might add, increases the pain and suffering to an intolerable degree …… treatments can actually spread cancer and spur the growth of deadly metastasis”.

You may have heard the opposite – conventional treatments are working. One little trick is the 5 year survival criteria; if you are still alive after 5 years of first detection and treatment you have said to survived cancer. It would appear that those numbers show cancer treatments are working. However improved methods for earlier detection means more people can be classified as survivors because their cancer is discovered earlier. They are not actually living any longer but now they can be classified as survivors.

Survival studies comparing treated to untreated patients often put the worst, inoperable cases into the untreated group. In one particular study on breast cancer, cases that died during treatment, or closely following treatment, were discarded because of the possible effect of severity of treatment. The true fact is that breast cancer survival without treatment is about 4 times longer than with treatment.

The secret to avoiding cancer, without doubt, is once again in your diet and your great immune system. You can boost your chances of avoiding cancers by incorporating various foods, herbs and spices in your daily foods. A tablespoon of ground fax seed on your daily cereal or consuming a glass of soy milk will dramatically cut your chances of breast cancer. Turmeric is a great herb for protection from any cancer. If you are diagnosed with cancer, consider alternatives treatments. I am not qualified to offer advice but certainly look at these sites on the internet –

Any of my “Wellness Warriors”. That’s what my website is all about; Find the best, most trusted information there.

Dr John McDougall – in his education section, webinars, gives a great presentation on cancer and breast cancer on the 18th and again on the 26th September, 2016 webinars.

Michael Greger and the Nutrition Facts team and in his latest book “How Not To Die” give great advice on the foods that prevent cancer and the foods best at targeting specific cancers. The whole truth and nothing but the truth coming from honest research. is a site with just so much information on alternative disease treatments. They have over 3000 studies covering 650 natural substances as chemopreventive and chemotherapeutic agents.

Read the book by the late Bill Henderson “Cancer-Free: Your Guide to Gentle, Non-Toxic Healing” or view his website at –

Search “The Truth About Cancer” by Ty Bollinger. I believe he is doing a great job at exactly that – getting at the truth; worthwhile and eye opening.

Check out Dr Alan Goldhammer at True North Health Centre; These people are using supervised fasting to detox and cure a wide range of health problems. I really believe there is great merit in their methods. Fasting allows our body’s immune system the best chance to heal us. This is what I would try if I had cancer.

There is so much information out there. Never give up on cancer. Use your own intelligence and logic. It often pays to be sceptical but remember, if it sounds too good to be true, sometimes it actually is true. The genuine people will not be out to rip you off. All their advice is almost always free. Beware of those pushing books, expensive supplements or expensive natural drug remedies. Books OK; drugs and supplements unnecessary. Cross reference. Your own logic is your best guide, your body your best healer and whole plant food your best source of supplements and drugs.