Depression and Anxiety

Our whole life is a rollercoaster of feelings from elation to depression to somewhere in-between.  Sometimes people become intensely depressed for extended periods of time (weeks, months, years or even decades). These people are said to be suffering from depression. It affects their physical and mental health and is a serious but not uncommon condition. Sometimes, but not always, the reason for their depression is obvious (bereavement, bullying, neglect, abuse, drugs etc), however the result of their depression is a whole range of mental and health problems. They don’t have normal sleep patterns, either sleeping all the time or not being able to sleep. They can feel sad, anxious, empty, helpless, hopeless, guilty, angry, ashamed and fatigued. They frequently contemplate suicide and often they will suicide.

In Australia there are around 2 ½ thousand suicides per year, about 3/4 of them male. This number would be conservative because for a number of reasons (more acceptable/understandable reasons) the coroner will often label suicides as accidents. Just those deaths reported as suicides outnumber road accident deaths. The media generally keeps a lid on reporting suicides. They are reported as non-suspicious deaths. I have an acquaintance who works for a railway control centre. He tells me around once a week someone steps off a platform into the path of a train. These incidents are never reported. (That’s around 50 deaths per year in a population of 2 million). They always report when someone tries to cross a track and is accidently killed. Suicide is always hushed up, probably fearing possible copycat suicides.

Depression is an ever increasing problem. The World Health Organisation predicts that by 2030 it will account for the highest level of disability accorded any physical or mental disorder in the world. Presently around 2/3rd of sufferers don’t even seek treatment. So what does modern medicine offer those people suffering with depression? – A whole range of drugs giving very little help with some very spectacular failures.

Depression, anxiety and a number of other mental disorders have become a gold mine for the drug companies. Psychiatrists have become the new drug pushers and work hand in hand with the drug companies to milk this cash cow. We now have in America and probably similarly here, 374 different ways to be classified as mentally ill.

If you feel depressed for over two weeks following the loss of a loved one you are now classified as clinically depressed requiring medication. Imagine that, two weeks to get over the loss of a cherished child or partner? It used to be 2 years. What next – two days? Some of the other classified “mental disorders” include Masochistic Personality Disorder for women who get beaten up by their husbands; or Macho Personality Disorder for those violent males. We have a Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder for women, the criteria for which could not distinguish between healthy women or even men. So watch out there any men, if you become a little flustered once a month, you may be diagnosed with PDD. Children who are a little fidgety may be diagnosed with ADHD. And we have a Compulsive Shopping Disorder for those we just used to call shopaholics. From “Winnie-the-Pooh” we have the character little Piglet who must be suffering Generalised Anxiety Disorder or the donkey Eeyore obviously suffering a dysthymic disorder.

So what’s behind this all these new disorder classifications? – Medical intervention and drug sales. So now we can have a huge proportion of our population suffering with a mental disorder requiring medication. They talk of chemical imbalances in the brain – elevated levels of monoamine oxidase in their brain or some other imbalance. It’s all nonsense and lies. Most disorders are simply self-limiting, time will heal. Any small benefits demonstrated by any drug intervention can be matched or exceeded by a whole food, plant based, starch rich diet and some exercise; in other words a healthy lifestyle with perhaps some family or other support. All the brain altering drugs do is cause real harm. All of them have very serious side effects such as heart failure, cancer, diabetes, weight gain; and – real mental illness. Suicide has become a hidden epidemic, not because of mental disorders, but due to the drug treatments of these largely fictional disorders. There are some really frightening cases of murder/suicide directly related to those brain altering drugs –

Matt Miller was moved to a new school and neighbourhood and became depressed. He was prescribed Zoloft. After taking his 7th pill be hung himself, having to lift his legs off the floor until he finally passed out.

Candace was a happy 12 year old who hung herself after 4 days on an antidepressant Zoloft.

Jeremy Lown was a teenager who hung himself after three weeks on Prozac.

Vicky Hartman was given a sample pack of Zoloft because she felt she needed a pick-me-up. Soon after starting the medication she shot her husband and herself.

A man on Paroxrtine murdered his wife, daughter and granddaughter and committed suicide.

One of the youths involved in the infamous Columbian High School murders was found to have an antidepressant in his blood.

There are so many of these shocking cases of murder/suicide. Many are hushed up but if there is any blame to be assigned it is to the mental disorder rather than the true cause – the drug.

The drug companies know about the real harms of their drugs. Suicides can be shifted into the placebo group or blamed on the condition. They write their own drug trials and have almost total control over what the public hears. It’s only the occasional leaked document or whistle-blower that can lift the lid and expose the total corruption and lies perpetrated by drug companies.

How can people combat depression? Well, once again, the single answer to all our ills, whole plant foods – and exercise. Whole starchy foods – grains, tubers, beans with a few non starchy coloured vegetables and fruits will improve mood. Spices such as cloves, oregano, cinnamon and nutmeg are beneficial. Avoid artificial sweeteners such as aspartame because it has been shown to increase the likelihood of depression.

So kick the depressive mood; get on the whole plant food